Tips For Carpet Dry Cleaning

If you have pets at home and they tend to shed hair on your carpet, then it may be time to take advantage of the services of a professional dry Carpet Cleaning. You can also find these services online and often find out that it is better to let the professionals do the job. In most cases, you will save money because the machines are more expensive than the rental fee for a machine. Also, you have more peace of mind knowing that your carpets will be cleaned professionally and dried rather than simply thrown in the trash. Find out some of the pros and cons of renting or buying a machine to dry your carpets.

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If you do it yourself, then you will probably be able to dry your own carpet. This is usually a two step process, with hot water extraction first followed by dry cleaning. In most cases, this process is better than the hot water extraction because the second step, which is drying, actually kills off bacteria that can cause health problems. However, if this is not possible, area rugs should be dry cleaned instead.

Hot water extraction does a good job on hard floors, but it does not always work on carpet fibers. To get these carpets thoroughly clean, you should use a shampooing method that is safe for both the rugs and the floor. Shampooing is when the detergent is poured onto the carpet fibers and then wrung out. The detergent gets into the fibers and pulls the dirt out. Carpet shampooing is usually done on the floors only, especially in high traffic areas or where the carpet is protected from wear and tear.

High-heat steam cleaning is probably the most effective dry carpet cleaning method. This method involves spraying chemicals that form a foam onto the dirt, and then working the foam around the carpeting. The foam traps the dirt and pulls it out of the carpeting.

Vacuuming may be the last step in dry carpet cleaning, but it is important to remove as much of the soil as possible. This allows your cleaners to do their job. You can also vacuum your high traffic areas periodically. The reason for frequent vacuuming is to prevent stains from occurring on your surfaces. Spots can happen even on low traffic areas, but with regular vacuuming you can limit what happens on your surfaces.

If you have children, then you should know about stain guard. This is a special coating you apply to your carpets to minimize the absorption of any stains. It works by slowing down the absorption of the liquid that causes the stain to appear. Stains that are removed by this coating will still show up for some time, but they will be lesser. It is an excellent way to protect your carpets and floors from any damage.