The Best Western Sports Centre Is located in Round Rock, Texas

A place where memories are made of childhood is the Best Western Sports Centre. Memories can be formed from spending time at this amazing centre that has been a part of our lives for over a century! What have been some of the best things we have done here? Here’s a list of some:

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Going on a hockey tournament? How about playing in a rink right in your own home? When you visit the Best Western Sports Centre, you’ll get to experience all the excitement of playing in a rinks and even practice hockey in the comfort of your own kitchen. Best Western Hockey is a registered trademarked name; you’ll also find all the latest equipment at this wonderful site including goal boards, jerseys and hockey sticks, and even a digital score board to keep track of your standings. Best Western is also the official provider of hockey for the Edmonton Oilers, and their official store can be found on Main Street in front of the arena.

If you’re in charge of an event’s committee or have a big family function or backyard BBQ coming up, you’ll want to consider hosting it at the Best Western Sports Centre. It offers everything you need to manage a fun outdoor event, including a fully equipped grill and fridge for hot dogs, salads, desserts and beer; and a fully equipped bar with a large television for sports, movies, music videos and more. Plus, Best Western has plenty of comfortable indoor seating, too. What’s more is that you don’t have to worry about dirty carpets or furniture because there are carpet cleaners onsite to take care of those for you! The Best Western Sports Centre offers a full laundry service for guests who want to wash up after they’ve had a fun night, and it offers a quick clean for those who just want to get things straight back to normal.

Kids love animals, and the Best Western Sports Centre plays CDs of different animals in the arena during events so that the kids can sing along and enjoy a bit of the magic. There’s even a slide dedicated to the Fibonacci ratio featuring a goat, a tortoise, and a sloth; and this one’s for the kids only; but the centre does cater for animals of all ages, even if you’re not planning on bringing your furry friend along! The centre has a kennel designed to look and feel like a farmhouse with pegs and bells attached; as well as, of course, a fully stocked dog crate. All of the rooms at Best Western Sports Centre are decorated with the same neutral colours; and there’s even a kid’s play area where the children can run around, swing on the monkey bars, and do their own creative work.

What you have to do when you visit the Best Western Sports Centre is to ask for a room to be booked. You’ll find that once you get there, the waiting area looks like the set of an actual casino – complete with card tables, roulette wheels, chairs for poker and blackjack, and even video game gambling! But then again, the wait doesn’t really get any longer; the moment you walk in you are greeted with a cheery greeting and from there on, your experience will unfold before you. Whether it’s having a nice hot cup of coffee (provided you bring your own) and a hearty welcome from the staff, or whether you want to have a snack before you go snacking, or whether you want to hit the slot machines, or the bingo, or the air-shooters, or the mini-golf, there’s something for everyone here.

And so while you’re enjoying your time at the Best Western Sports Centres, don’t forget to take a moment to let yourself wonder about what else is on offer at this fine establishment. What other facilities does this location have? Does the food seem a little basic? Do the people know how to dress and act appropriately for a classy sports bar?